Friday, March 28, 2008

Jane and Kevin : Wedding - Jasmine Star Photography

Jane and Kevin closely sat next to each other as their Maid of Honor toasted their love. She made it a point to express she worried Kevin wouldn’t be able to handle Jane’s feisty demeanor upon first meeting him, but over the years noticed Kevin held Jane in the palm of his hand. Not gripped, nor clenched, but, rather, with his fingers loosely facing heavenward. Kevin loves Jane so evidently and knows she needs a lover who will surround her heart with devotion and support, not merely words. Their Maid of Honor acknowledged this, but it’s something everyone already knew.

Their wedding day was filled with fun, joy, and gorgeousness. Basically—as Jane so aptly described her wedding—it was feroche. Surrounded by their friends and family at Seven Degrees—one of Orange County’s most fabulous wedding venues—their special day was spectacular. The wedding was coordinated by Jeannie Le and her assistant, Nite, and nothing was left unbeautified…they were nothing short of amazing! The florals were designed by Flower Allie the event was captured by the ever amazing videographer Kyle of Elysium Productions. Every vendor was a dream to work with and I was truly honored to stand beside them and document this wedding.

Here's Jane looking gorgeous with makeup done by Sherry from On Location Beauty

To view more of their wedding, CLICK HERE to visit my blog and see a complete slideshow! :)

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Simply Modern Weddings said...

love the details...absolutely stunning. very "feroche"!!