Monday, March 10, 2008

Seven Degrees - DrewB

Venue: Seven Degrees
Florist: Del Langsdale 714-547-8237
DJ: Black Tie Events
Videographer: Mission Visual

Lauren and Robert were married at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach on Saturday. It was a gorgeous Southern California January day! I’ve been wanting to shoot at Seven Degrees for a long time and my expectations were exceeded. It’s an amazing venue with lots of great light and places to shoot. It's the perfect blend of nature and modern chic. The rooftop terrace has a hillside of cascading waterfalls and bridges and is the perfect ceremony site. The reception area is a blank canvas. The expert design team at Seven Degrees creates weddings as unique as you are. They are one of the only wedding venues in Orange County that has professional lighting on site. Any photographer will tell you that professional lighting at your reception makes such an amazing difference. If there is one thing that I think brides should splurge on it's professional lighting!!! They also have various multi media amenities including flat screens and little ornament balls with TV's inside of them they can play slide shows of the bride and groom playing (Lauren and Robert choose to have their engagement pictures in the slide show, which I, of course, thought was a great idea!).

A couple of other unique things about Lauren and Robert's wedding was that they had snow (okay, not real snow, but a snow machine!) in the main entryway as their guests walked in. And they also had a grand exit with sparklers! I love grand exits! Not very many of my couples do them, but sparklers, bubbles, and rose petals are all great ideas for grand exits. Grand exits make for great pictures!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from Lauren and Robert's wedding. And you can check out more on my blog!

And thanks to Jasmine for getting their grand exit. At 37 weeks pregnant my feet were way too swollen to stay until the end :)


Melissa McClure Photography said...

A snow machine?? How fun!!! Great shots!

Amelia . Lyon said...

What a beautiful wedding Drew...and amazing detail shots too!

Simply Modern Weddings said...

I just LOVE the snow machine idea...the photos are so fun and beautiful! Great job :-)

Michelle Ellis said...

Beautiful wedding!

The snow machine is a super cool idea.

J'adore Details said...

hi love!! let's shoot together again soon...this time you won't have swollen feet so we can dance the night away! ;)

Jasmine said...

Oops, that was ME!!