Friday, May 16, 2008

The Getaway Car! - DrewB

It's a good thing that wedding season is now upon us so we will have lots to blog. But, it's also bad because we are so busy shooting that we don't have time to blog :) I promise that we will get our butts in gear and start blogging here because I know we all have lots of great weddings to share!

I shot the wedding of Nikki and Jeff in April and there were so many great details to that day, but one detail that really stuck out was their getaway car. They sped away from the ceremony in Jeff's fathers antique Porsche convertible! It was absolutely gorgeous and complete with soda cans tied to the back.

Now, I realize not everyone has access to a vintage sports car, but dress up your own car. Tie a cool "Just Married!" sign to the back with some soda cans. Even your '89 Honda Civic can look cool. I promise! It makes for great pictures and guests love it. Or, if you really want to do something special, you can always rent a fancy car for your escape! Have fun with it! You only get married once, right?

Happy Friday!


Trista said...

What a cute idea! This was one of my fav weddings from you Drew!

gabriel ryan said...

nikki & jeff rock. drew rocks. vintage sports cars rock. yeah... thats pretty much it.