Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pink and Green : A tried and true favorite!

Pink and Green is my favorite color combination...I had it for my own wedding and so have many other couples! Even though it's a widely used color combination, that doesn't mean every "pink and green" wedding has to look the same!

The key is to personalizing your details to your own tastes and creating something unique! Amy and Frank did just that at their wedding earlier this month. Here are some of my favorite details from their wedding!


DrewB said...

I absolutely love that wedding, Trista! The colors, the location, the flowers, the couple. Everything about it is amazing! My most favorite detail is the paper laterns. LOVE them! Great job!

Bliss Event Group said...

I LOVE this wedding! I want to jump into these pictures and swim in the pretty pinkness. Gorgeous!